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Welcome to the Nebraska Hapkido Association! We offer classes in traditional Hapkido, Women's Self-Defense, and Firearms Self-Defense and Competition. Please take a look around our website at what we offer, and feel free to come observe a class.

Hapkido: The Art of Coordinated Power
Hapkido is a Korean martial art, with a focus on self-defense. Utilizing locks, throws, strikes, kicks, and weapons training, Hapkido is an art taught to Korean Special Forces and the Korean Secret Service because it is incredibly effective for self-defense without regard to relative size or strength. A fluid, circular style, Hapkido re-directs an attacker's force, allowing you to control an attacker's motion. For some basic examples of Hapkido techniques, please take a look at the Hapkido Multimedia. We are certified under the U.S. Hapkido Association. Ages 15 and up.


Women's Self-Defense: Courses and Seminars
The Nebraska Hapkido Association offers various courses in the area of women's self-defense. From short one-time seminars to a comprehensive 10 week course to a weekly physical practice session, we offer a range of training opportunities to fit your needs. Smaller seminars concentrate on the self-defense mindset, while discussing effective comprehensive self-defense plans. Longer seminars include training and practice in physical techniques, while stressing awareness and avoidance. The 10 week course includes all of the above, plus padded attacker scenario training for realistic practice.


Open Practice/General Physical Training
In addition, the Nebraska Hapkido Association school is open appoximately once a month for open practice. Students of the school who wish to work out more often in the training environment may come in and use the equipment to work out. Many people find this a good time for extra partner work for specific techniques. An instructor will be available during this time for correction, direction with regard to good training techniques, or a physical training schedule. Please see the Schedule of Classes page for details on mat fees for open practice sessions. For people interested in sparring, the General Practice times are ideal for finding a partner and working out. A list of sparring types available is provided, along with a student waiver that needs to be signed by the parents/guardians of all minor students wishing to spar during general practice outside of their own regular class style.

Please take a look at our Schedule of Classes for class times, fees, and other information. Feel free to come by our school and observe a class--the instructors and students will be happy to discuss our arts with you.

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