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About the Instructors

Sabumnim Howard, 2006

J. Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard started martial arts in 1988, briefly attending Taekwondo classes in Lincoln, Nebraska in the Chung Do Kwan lineage. In 1992, he moved to Denver to attend graduate school, and met Grandmaster Larry Hampton, who taught Hapkido and Jidokwan Taekwondo. Instantly becoming hooked, he went to every class he could. He achieved his first dan in Hapkido in 1995, and his second dan in 1997, along with his first dan in Taekwondo. He then moved back to Lincoln, Nebraska and started a Hapkido class for the city of Lincoln in association with the Irving Community Center. After several years, he moved to Plattsmouth, NE, and currently teaches there. He received his third dan in Hapkido from Grandmaster Hampton in 2002, his fourth dan in 2006, and his 5th dan in 2015.

His past history includes wrestling, Chi Tai Lung Gung Fu, a bit of Aikido, and Judo while at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Sabumnim Howard has given numerous demonstrations, taught self-defense courses and seminars, Taekwondo for the Valparaiso after-school program, and Hapkido in Nebraska since 1997. He is also a Reiki 3rd Level Master/Teacher.

Sabumnim currently teaches Hapkido and Women's Self-Defense classes at the Nebraska Hapkido Association school, and firearms classes through Precision Response Training.

Dr. Julie Howard

Dr. Howard has studied the martial arts since 2000, with a particular interest in women's self-defense aspects. Being a nurse practitioner and a chiropractor, and having been certified in acupuncture, Dr. Howard brings a wealth of knowledge regarding physical therapy, training, and health to the Nebraska Hapkido Association school. She is also a 3rd level Reiki Master/Teacher.

Dr. Howard is a co-instructor for the Women's Self-Defense courses, and an assistant instructor for various firearms training courses through Precision Response Training.

Sabumnim's Instructor: Grandmaster Larry Hampton

Kwajangnim and Sabumnim, 2002

Sabumnim Howard says that he has seen a number of martial arts instructors, and not only is his instructor one of the better martial arts technicians he has seen, but that Kwajangnim Hampton is one of the top three martial arts teachers he has ever been in a class with.

Grandmaster Hampton is an 8th dan in Hapkido (US Hapkido Association) and an 8th dan in Taekwondo (USA Tae Kwon-do Federation) in addition to having a black belt in Karate and brown belts in Aikido (Tomiki-style) and Judo.


  • Member and Team Captain of the 1991 US Tae Kwon Do Olympia Team
  • 1977 Outstanding Athlete of the Year Award from the Amateur Athletic Union
  • 1975, 1977, and 1979 Indiana State Heavyweight Champion and Indiana Heavyweight Representative to the AAU National Championships
  • 1974 and 1979 Midwest Heavyweight Champion
  • 1977 AAU National Championships Heavyweight Bronze Medalist

For anyone who is interested in Hapkido or Taekwondo in the Denver, Colorado area, I would highly recommend contacting Kwajangnim Hampton about classes. He can be contacted by phone at 303-565-6834.

For those interested, Sabumnim Howard's lineage goes like this: