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The Nebraska Hapkido Association was started in the fall of 1997 when Sabumnim Howard began teaching Hapkido classes out of his apartment to a class of 4 students. Within a few months, he began a partnership with the Irving Recreational Center (a local community center in Lincoln), holding Hapkido classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

This continued for approximately three years, when suddenly ICC decided many of the classes taught by outside instructors would be canceled. With the help of his students, Sabumnim Howard found and created a partnership with the Northeast Family Center in 2001, and taught classes in association with the NFC even after Sabumnim moved to Plattsmouth and had to commute back to Lincoln to teach.

After he moved to Plattsmouth, Sabumnim started a Hapkido class there at the LifeArts - Howard Chiropractic office in early 2006, in addition to the NFC classes in Lincoln. In September of 2006, Sabumnim ceased teaching in Lincoln at the Northeast Family Center in order to devote more attention to the Hapkido classes at Plattsmouth.

In November of 2006, the Nebraska Hapkido Association finally got their own space at 116 S 6th St. in Plattsmouth through their association with LifeArts - Howard Chiropractic, P.C.


Volunteers donated their time to upgrading the facilities, including taking out walls, painting, adding mirrors, and finishing the front entrance windows.

Classes remained at the 6th St location until December 2009.

In December of 2009, LifeArts, LLC bought a building to house the Nebraska Hapkido Association and LifeArts - Howard Chiropractic businesses. Located at 546 Ave A in Plattsmouth, the new building is almost five times the size of their combined previous business space. As such, the Nebrasa Hapkido Association dojang has ample room to grow. Classes will started in the new building in January of 2010.

The Nebraska Hapkido Association dojang hosts Hapkido classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:15 to 7:45pm.

Also available is training for women in self-defense. Sabumnim Howard has given a number of seminars on self-defense, among them during Wellness Day for the Plattsmouth Community School District. Women interested in learning self-defense should contact the Nebraska Hapkido Association as seminars of all types are available, from 1 hour discussions to 10 week courses. The 10-week Women's Self-Defense course includes study and practice in the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of self-defense, including padded attacker scenario training.

In addition, Sabumnim Howard teaches various classes on the various uses of firearms--from a basic introduction to firearms, to defensive tactics and competition shooting. See the class information at Precision Response Training for more details.