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Self-Defense Books and Reference Works

Dead or Alive the Choice Is Yours : The Definitive Self-Protection Handbook, by Geoff Thompson

Real Fighting : Adrenaline Stress Conditioning Through Scenario-Based Training, by Peyton Quinn

Cheap Shots, Ambushes, and Other Lessons : A Down and Dirty Book on Streetfighting and Survival, by Marc MacYoung

Self-Defense : Error Detection in the Martial Arts, by Marc MacYoung

Taking It to the Street: Making Your Martial Art Street Effective, by Marc MacYoung

The above three authors are people who are of the "been there/done that" style. Former bouncers, security, etc----they've been in fights, they've seen fights, and they certainly have opinions about them. Among other things, they ALL stress the importance of the MINDSET above all else----which makes me rather favorably inclined to their books. All of the above are recommended. For those liking the above, take a look at my Quinn/Thompson/MacYoung page. Marc MacYoung has quite a series of self-defense books, that cover many, many different types of situations. The other two also have several other books listed there also.

Hard-Won Wisdom from the School of Hard Knocks : How to Avoid a Fight and Things to Do When You Can't or Don't Want to, by Alain Burrese

The Gift of Fear : Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence, by Gavin De Becker

Defend Yourself! : Every Woman's Guide to Safeguarding Her Life, by Matt Thomas, Denise Loveday, Larry Strauss

The Concealed Handgun Manual : How to Choose, Carry, and Shoot a Gun in Self Defense, by Chris Bird, Ted Bonnet

The Truth About Self Protection, by Massad Ayoob

In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection, by Massad Ayoob

Defending Ourselves : A Guide to Prevention, Self-Defense, and Recovery from Rape, by Rosalind Wiseman, James Edwards (Illustrator)

No! No! No! : A Woman's Guide to Personal Defense and Street Safety, by Kathy Long, et al

The Parent's Guide to Teaching Self-Defense, by Paul McCallum

Self-Defense and Assault Prevention for Girls and Women, by Bruce Tegner, Alice McGrath

Self-Defense for Your Child, by Bruce Tegner

Smart Moves : A Kid's Guide to Self-Defense, by Christopher Goedecke, et al

Strong on Defense : Survival Rules to Protect You and Your Family from Crime, by Sanford Strong

When Seconds Count : Everyone's Guide to Self-Defense, by Sammy Franco

A Woman's Guide to Self Defense : Practical, Direct Martial Arts for Women, by Vic Shayne

Street Survival : A Practical Guide to Self-Defense, by Fumio Demura

Hope you find some useful works in the above!

If not, you can use the below search box for attempt to find specific titles not listed above----good luck! (And if you find any other Self-Defense books that look interesting, please let me know.)