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NHA Documents and Downloads

Bear in mind these are what is colloquially termed "living documents,"
which is a fancy way of saying that they might change or be updated at any time.

  • Student Information Sheet and Waiver
    Here is a basic informational sheet regarding our hapkido classes, along with our standard student waiver and contact form. If you want to start class, please bring a filled-out copy of the student waiver and the contact form to class with you.

  • NHA Handbook
    Here is a copy of the Nebraska Hapkido Association Hapkido Handbook. The newest version will be available from this website at all times.

  • NHA Hapkido Basics
    This is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the techniques that I expect gup rank students in Hapkido to learn. However, at any given point in time, a Hapkido student who is nearing dan rank should be able to think of multiple applications of the techniques listed here. In particular, this document includes a basic list of various control techniques that use very different mechanical processes. A student that understands the mechanic processes of each lock and throw listed here will be able to apply a large number of variations from a variety of situations.

  • NHA Hapkido Ground Basics
    Again, not remotely an exhaustive list of the techniques used in groundfighting. (For example, "arm bar" is only listed once, though you will learn at least 15-18 different variations on an arm bar.) However, it is a decent basic list of: 1) movements used to transition from one ground position to another, 2)some basic techniques used as high percentage finishes in groundfighting, and 3) some basic concepts to bear in mind while on the ground.


  • NHA Firearms Handout
    While becoming familiar with firearms is not required for the Hapkido or self-defense classes, it is easier to defend against something you understand. Here is the handout that goes along with the yearly Firearms Familiarization Workshop.

  • NHA Firearms Qualifications
    If you get interested in firearms, here is the list of shooting qualifications you need to meet for the NHA Firearms Patch and rockers.

  • Nebraska Laws and Statutes Regarding Self-Defense
    (Including City of Lincoln Ordinances)

    Here is a PDF file of the some information on self-defense laws and statutes in Nebraska, including some commentary on Lincoln ordinances. This isn't legal advice or anything, but if you are planning on effectively defending yourself, you need to know what the laws of the land are. This set of laws is correct as of 10/03/2003.

    While things have changed since they (for example, the law on concealed carry of a firearm) many things are the same. Don't consider this absolute truth, but feel free to use it as a starting point for your research on self-defense in Nebraska.

    Student Papers

    Here are some papers that students have written for the class. At various rank levels, students are required to write papers. In addition, occasionally a discussion topic comes up that a particular student researchs, then write about. In addition, some times there are topics that students feel strongly about, and thus this forum is available for them to make their opinions and beliefs known. These are all in PDF format.

    • Hapkido and Self-Defense, by Michelle Roemig
      This was a paper that Michelle wrote as part of her 2nd gup promotional requirements.

    • An Exploration of Honor, by Angi Peglow
      Why this paper was written is explained on the first page. A followup set of papers is the Honor Document, which is a listing and commentary of the notes from the discussions and emails that resulted from the initial paper about honor, including some honor comments from people outside our Hapkido group.

    • Taking Back My Life
      This paper was written by one of my students, talking about her past history, her life, and her wish to learn self-defense. Something that many women should read.
    If you found these papers interesting, you might also wish to read some of the articles Sabumnim Howard has written over time.