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NHA Firearms

A handgun is an extremely effective weapon for self-defense, within its specific set of uses. A gun is not a "fix-all" tool, and is useful in only an extremely narrow range of self-defense situations. However, within that range, it is the most effective tool currently available. Students in the Hapkido and advanced WSD classes learn the basics of firearms handling, to more effectively teach them how to defend themselves against an attacker with a firearm. However, for people wishing to learn more about firearms, additional training in shooting and defensive tactics with a firearm are available.

In addition, the NHA has developed a set of qualification requirements for students wishing to measure their abilities, and increase their gun-handling skills. Instructors for the NHA are also able to monitor students who wish to attempt to qualify for Distinguished Expert under the National Rifle Association set of qualifications

For people who end up enjoying shooting, there are a number of different types of sport shooting available. Additional information about competitions can be gotten from this website, and from Sabumnim directly. For those nearby, the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club has firearms competitions of almost every type available, from rifle, to shotgun, to pistol, to all three guns at once.