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NHA Firearms Training

The Nebraska Hapkido Association will be offering, in the near future, three different types of training courses for people interested in learning more about firearms. These courses are not currently being offered to the public, only to current students of the NHA. Course descriptions are given below. When these classes are offered to the public, additional information regarding required equipment, prior experience, and course fees will be added.

Shooting Skills | Defensive Tactics | Competition Skills

Shooting Skills
NHA Basic Pistol

The NHA Basic Pistol course is a handgun familiarization course designed to teach the fundamentals of safe gun handling. By the end of the course, students understand the basic parts, action, and manual of arms for standard semi-automatic pistols and revolvers; have practiced correct stance, grip, sighting, trigger control, and breathing; have continually demonstrated and ingrained the rules of safe gun handling; and have practiced shooting both a semi-auto pistol and a revolver on the range.

Most of the range shooting will be with .22 LR pistols supplied by the instructors. Other handguns will be available for students to try, to give them an idea of the many types of firearms that are available for shooting.

This course is available in a one or two-day format. The total time for the course is approximately 6 hours. The first 3 hours are spent indoors, learning how firearms work and how to handle them safely. The rest of the time is spent at the range.

Students in the Hapkido and WSD courses have the option of taking the basic pistol course in a shortened format during the normal summer "NHA Shooting Day."

Students will also have the option of adding the NRA Basic Pistol curriculum to the NHA class, and obtaining a course completion certificate for passing the NRA Basic Pistol course.

Handgun Skill Builder

Created for students who have taken the Basic Pistol course, but who wish to progress in their shooting ability, the Handgun Skill Builder course is designed to coach students in better shooting skills by giving them direct feedback on critical aspects of their shooting, and also to give them a set of skill-building drills that they can take with them every time they go to the range.

Students will come away from this course better shooters--but more importantly, with a set of drills they can use to continue their improvement.


Defensive Tactics


The Defensive Tactics - Firearms 101 course is an introduction to defensive tactics class designed for students who want to learn how to transition from target practice to the use of the firearm in a defensive situation.

The goal of the class is to introduce the students to various skill-building exercises that will increase their ability to defend themselves with a handgun. In addition, a foundation of basic self-defense tactics will be created.

Some specific objectives:
  • Quick and precise draw, first shot, accurate and quick followup shot
  • Quick and accurate transitions
  • Firing and Movement
  • Strong-hand only shooting
  • Weak-hand only shooting
  • Speed Rock
  • Concealment draw
  • Movement to safety
  • Targeting prioritization
  • Area scan
  • Use of cover/concealment

The Defensive Tactics - Firearms 211 course is designed for the student who wishes to take their defensive tactics training to a higher level. With a specific emphasis on concealed carry tactics, this course gives the student a better grasp of the importance of movement, cover, and awareness with regard to defensive tactics. Incorporating scenario training, this class includes force-on-force situations.
Defensive Tactics - Firearms 221 is a Close-Quarters Tactics course. The ability to acquire your weapon, aim accurately, and retain your firearm in the midst of a close altercation is important, and thus this class was designed to give you the skill-building exercises and scenario training to enable you to do so. Includes life-fire practice on the range, and force-on-force training in the dojang.


Competition Skills

Introduction to USPSA (IPSC) Competition

Many people are interested in shooting competitions, but don't believe they have the necessary knowledge or skill to begin. The Introduction to USPSA Competition course is designed to give students a thorough grounding in the mechanics of the sport, from safety rules to range commands to the basic skills needed to safely enjoy participating in USPSA competitions.

Some highlights include information and practice on:

  • Safety issues
  • Range commands
  • Equipment styles and types for specific competition divisions
  • Competition rules and scoring practice
  • Target types and styles
  • Efficient draw motion
  • Movement and shooting on the move
  • Speed reload
  • Introductory stage analysis
USPSA Skill Builder

Created for students who compete in USPSA and wish to progress in their shooting ability, the USPSA Skill Builder course is designed to coach students in better shooting skills by giving them direct feedback on critical aspects of their shooting, and also to give them a set of skill-building drills that they can take with them every time they go to the range.

Students are expected to already have a solid grasp of the basics of gun handling for USPSA purposes--this course takes that basic knowledge and refines it with an emphasis on efficient movement, shooting on the move, reloading without wasted motion, and effective stage planning, among other topics.