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NHA Firearms Qualifications

Students who shoot tend to want to be able to quantify their abilities, so as to know what they need to practice to increase their skills. To that end, the Nebraska Hapkido Association has put together a series of skill qualifications as indicators of shooting ability. The NHA instructors are also able to monitor students who wish to obtain the Distinguished Expert qualification from the National Rifle Association.

In addition, the classifier stage from the International Defensive Pistol Association (IPSC), along with selected classifier stages from IPSC, can give students information about both their skill level, and what skills are needed to improve.

NHA Qualifications: Listed in this document is the set of requirements for each level of qualification for the NHA Firearms patch and rockers, up to the black rocker. Students with the black rocker can be expected to demonstrate instructor-level knowledge of the curriculum listed in the NHA Handgun Handbook. In addition, they should be able to converse knowledgeably with regards to tactical thinking and self-defense with firearms.


NRA Qualifications: There are qualifications set by the NRA for almost every type of shooting imaginable. The NHA is happy to observe, monitor, and coach students who wish to work towards a Distinguished Expert rating in the Pistol Qualification, as explained on pages 6 and 7 of this handbook.

IDPA Classifier: The NHA instructors are not officials of the International Defensive Pistol Association--as such, they cannot assign classification within the IDPA. That being said, the IDPA classifier stage is an excellent way to gauge certain types of shooting skills. The following three documents give the Instructions, Stage Setup, and Course of Fire, and NHA members are happy to run students through the course. (And shoot it themselves!) Go to the IDPA website for more information about this shooting sport.
USPSA Classifiers: The United States Practical Shooting Association has a classifier book with stages that rate all manner of shooting skills. For students interested in gauging skills of all types (and who have access to the required stage equipment), USPSA classifiers are one quick way to measure yourself against the best shooters in the nation. Take a classifier from this book, find your hit factor, and compare it to the nation's shooters at this classifier calculator. Go to the USPSA website for more information about this shooting sport.