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Hapkido Class Times

Hapkido Class Costs and Requirements:

New Student Special: New students pay $160 -- for this they receive two sessions (four months/24 classes) of training and a free extra-heavyweight uniform and belt. Effectively, the student commits to trying Hapkido for four months, and in return, we give you a free uniform and belt. After that, tuition is $80 per two-month session.

Additional Costs: During their Hapkido studies, students will need to buy the following equipment as they progress to black belt.

  • Practice knife
  • Sticks
  • Gloves
  • Optional, but strongly recommended: mouthguard, protective cup

The student may purchase this equipment from any provider they wish. The NHA does have a dealer account with several martial arts equipment suppliers, so they can arrange wholesale prices for students. However, the student is not required to purchase their equipment from the NHA.

Promotional Costs: Students who promote receive rank certificates from the Nebraska Hapkido Association school. The rank fees are $55 for lower belt ranks and $80 for high belt tests up to red/2 stripes.

Students do not have to pay to test--they merely pay the fee if they take the test and pass, and thus promote to the next rank. These are rank/promotional fees, not testing fees. If they do not pass, no fee is assessed. Testing at lower ranks occurs at a minimum time of 4 months between tests, and the time between tests increases as the rank increases.

Belt Ranking in the US Hapkido Association:

These are the rankings of the belts (and their colors) for the US Hapkido Association, which the Nebraska Hapkido Association follows. "Low belts" are the ranks up to and including green belt with blue stripes, "high belts" are blue belts on up. (Normally blue through red w/2 black stripes, since dan ranks are different.)

Low Belts

10th gup: White Belt (then after half the time to next rank, White with black tips)
9th gup: Yellow Belt
8th gup: Yellow w/green stripe
7th gup: Green belt
6th gup: Green w/blue stripe

High Belts

5th gup: Blue belt
4th gup: Brown belt
3rd gup: Red belt
2nd gup: Red w/1 black stripe
1st gup: Red w/2 black stripes

Black Belt Ranks
Probationary Black (1st dan)
1st dan
2nd dan
3rd and 4th dan simply have
3 and 4 white stripes on them
5th dan
7th dan
7th dan might also only have a gold stripe
in the middle, without the red band.

Time in Grade:
(All times shown are MINIMUM amounts.)

10th gup to 9th: 20 classes
9th gup to 8th: 20 classes
8th gup to 7th: 20 classes
7th gup to 6th: 20 classes
6th gup to 5th: 20 classes
5th gup to 4th: 20 classes
4th gup to 3rd: 40 classes
3rd gup to 2nd: 40 classes
2nd gup to 1st: 40 classes
1st gup to Temp Black: 40 classes
Temp Black to Decided Black: 6 months

1st dan to 2nd: 2 years
2nd dan to 3rd: 3 years
3rd dan to 4th: 4 years, etc, etc...

Thus, minimum time to 1st dan Decided: 3 years, 3 months