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is a Korean martial art, designed for self-defense. Hapkidoists use punches, kicks, locks, throws, and anything else they find necessary to defend themselves. To a hapkidoist, self-defense simply means doing whatever is necessary to keep yourself safe and unharmed. Hapkidoists learn the physical techniqes to enable them to defend themselves, but more importantly, develop the self-discipline to know when to defend themselves, and the self-confidence to actually use the techniques when necessary.

Hapkido is a circular "soft" art, which prefers to off-balance opponents while using their own momentum and strength against them. Translated, Hapido literally means "The Way of Coordinated Power." While we are not above using direct punches and kicks (whatever works!) we prefer to deflect and redirect attacker's momentum and energy, instead of meeting it directly. Hapkido is an excellent art for people who don't like wasting energy---it is designed to efficiently use as little energy as possible, for as much effect as possible.

Hapkido is for anyone who wants to learn how to stop an assault or rape from happening to themselves or others. Through the scientific use of the body in proper form and technique, Hapkido allows students to become stronger, better coordinated, and to exude more confidence.

The ultimate aim of Hapkido is the development of character. Practicing this art demands hard work and training, but allows time for fun. The rewards include self-confidence, patience, physical fitness, mental alertness, and respect.

Character building is the inner goal of Hapkido----and our outward expression of this is learning self-defense. In Hapkido classes you will learn techniques for kicking, punching, blocking, locks, and throws. You will also be introduced to the philosophy of martial arts and the importance of flexibility and strong mental discipline. Our lessons apply not only to the practice hall, but to everyday life.

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