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Martial Arts Books and Reviews

Here are some books that martial artists might find interesting. Some are reference materials, some are informational, some are reflectional---but hopefully all will be ones that you can get something important from.

For many of these cases, I either own or have read the books I list, and thus have written a review/blurb about the book. This is most true for the Hapkido category, but also true for the other categories as well. Take a look around---the idea behind this part of the site is to list and review a number of potentially helpful reference works. Hopefully it will be of use to you.

You will note that some of the categories are not links yet--I am still working on reviews for the books on those pages. Please check back periodically, as this review site is a continual work in progress.


Hapkido Taekwondo Firearms Training
Self-Defense Women's Martial Arts
and Self-Defense
Thought-Provoking Teaching Martial Arts Martial Arts Training

Of the books listed, some are very good, and others I think that everyone should read. So, beside some books you might see these symbols:

--HIGHLY recommended
--excellent for this category.
---it will make you think.
---a good book

Hope you find something useful in this listing!

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