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WSD Objectives

The entire point of a WSD course is simple: Learn to do whatever is necessary to keep yourself safe and unharmed.

What is necessary? Safe and unharmed is not merely a physical status, but a mental and emotional one as well. (Many people would argue, fairly successfully, that there is a spiritual component as well.) As such, any list of objectives would include several dimensions of "safety."

In our opinion, a clear, effective women's self-defense course should include the following objectives:

Students will understand basic predatorary behavior, including common methods of engaging prey. Students will understand the basic steps of an assault or attack, and what requirements must be fulfilled for an assault to occur.
Students will learn and practice awareness of surroundings, positioning, and vocalization. Students will learn and practice effective physical techniques based on gross body movement to enable escape from dangerous situations.
Students will learn and practice effective de-escalation techniques, along with drills to effect understanding of when to switch to physical resistance. Students will learn about the legal aspects of self-defense, regarding actions prior to an assault, legal actions during an assault, and effective self-defense after an assault.
Students will explicity define their moral and ethical limits on reaction levels regarding physical techniques in lethal force situations. Students will undergo scenario training for understanding of the mental and emotional stresses of an assault, along with full-power and full-speed on use of physical technique.
Students will create a layered self-defense plan that encompasses all aspects of their life in a non-intrusive, consistent, effective fashion so that it may become a comfortable personal habit.

The problem often is that many people do not wish to devote the time necessary to a WSD class to complete the above objectives. Often, the time when a woman decides to take such a class is right after she needed it---which suddenly makes its objectives meaningful, and a priority. (Please think about learning about self-defense as a priority before it is needed!)

So if we don't think it is enough, why do we still teach one-hour seminars? Because it is better than nothing! Learning to keep your eyes open, to stand up for yourself, to move out of bad situations, and to keep yourself safe is important--so we talk about it. A one-hour seminar won't fulfill all of the above objectives, true, yet in that time, we can help people start understanding what makes for effective self-defense--and maybe it will make a difference sometime when it matters.

We'd still prefer that you'd choose to take the Level I WSD course, though.