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Women's Self-Defense Courses and Seminars

Self-defense is a term and topic that many people simply don't understand. Most people view "self-defense" as a combination of concepts from bad martial arts movies, advertisements for pepper spray, and horrifying urban legends.

The real concept is simple: Self-defense is doing what is necessary to keep yourself safe and unharmed. Our logo has the Japanese Kanji for "Protector" along with "Body, Mind and Spirit" -- and that is what self-defense is about: Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. Doing what is necessary to keep control of your own choices in life--making your own decisions, for your own reasons.

It really is that simple. And self-defense is simple, too. (Really!) It is based on knowledge (understanding dangerous situations, criminal behavior, and possible outcomes), awareness (what is happening right now? what is going to happen next?), and appropriate behavior (what can you do--legally, morally and ethically, logically?). Given a truthful understanding of your own value as a person, with the right to make your own choices, those three things will enable you to defend yourself. A good self-defense class will not only give you those three things, but train you to handle the mental and emotional impact not only of the dangerous situation, but the aftermath also.

Instructors at the Nebraska Hapkido Association have taught a number of different types of self-defense seminars and classes. From one hour seminars to multi-week classes, we believe it is important that you know how to defend yourself.